Siding Installation in Barrie

Siding is infamous for its ability to insulate a house from extreme temperatures and protect it from the elements. Today’s siding materials are aesthetically pleasing, affordable, and easy to match when repairs become necessary. When you consider siding installation, you want a siding company who understands the craft of combining siding and insulation to form a pocket of protection around your home.

For a truly authentic Northern home look, wood siding is unsurpassed. Wood siding is renowned for inhibiting noise and providing natural insulation against external temperatures. Improved manufacturing processes have improved wood siding so that it resists fungal attacks, splitting, buckling, and peeling; making it a solid investment.

A mix of portland cement and wood pulp, Fiber Cement Siding has a reputation for combining beauty with durability, low-maintenance, and affordability. Emulating old clapboard siding, fiber cement is impervious to fluctuating temperatures, rot, fungi, and pests.

When insulation is combined with siding, it not only prevents air drafts, it provides a solid base for attaching siding materials, protects walls from moisture, and shields our homes from seasonal extremes in temperatures.

  • Pricing

    Material Costs will include the following:
    1) Siding
    2) Insulation or backing
    3) Framing Lumber (or replacement lumber where necessary, if re-attaching)
    4) Screws/Nails
    1) Removal of old siding (if relevant)
    2) Building of Frame
    3) Insulation (or backing) Attachment
    4) Siding Attachment
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Metal siding used to be an expensive proposition, but today’s aluminum siding is both practical and affordable. Modern aluminum products are meticulously manufactured. Aluminum siding is typically coated with two undercoats of paint that is baked onto the metal for extended durability. Available in a wide assortment of plain, textured or wood grain colors, aluminum siding can be matched to almost any roof or window trim. Most importantly, aluminum siding has a solid reputation as a low-maintenance, rust-free product that outlasts most homeowners.

Contemporary vinyl siding is not the flimsy eye-sore of the past. It has been replaced by a solidly built competitively-priced housing product that is seen on millions of homes. In fact, without close examination, you might think you were looking at wood shakes or clapboard siding. The vinyl siding created during the past decade is imaginative and versatile; combining wood grain, colors, and textures into extremely appealing offerings.

Fortunately, nearly all siding products can be matched and repaired. Toward that end, our siding team has sources for siding patterns from nearly any era. Additionally, we are familiar with all manner of historical attachment designs. If your siding has suffered mishap and you need to replace one or several panels, feel free to contact us.

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