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Rest assured our roofers are experienced, thorough, and fully insured. Prior to working on any roof, we assess its size, structural condition, pitch, load-bearing capacity, and protective characteristics. Many homeowners consider upgrading to higher quality roofing materials when replacing their existing roof. While this goal is admirable, numerous factors determine which type of roofing can be applied:

During our roofing assessment we analyze your roof’s pitch and the load-bearing capabilities of the existing studs and sheathing. Since most manufacturers now offer a 50 Year Warranty for everything from Shingles to Cement Tiles; we can help you achieve both the longevity and beauty you desire.

We offer roofing materials designed specifically for Barrie’s climatic conditions. Toward that end, JDL’s roofing installers focus on quality sheathing and underlayment, attic and wall insulation, and fascia and eavetrough materials.

If you have a three bedroom moderately-pitched home, we will likely complete your project within 2-5 days. Be advised that it will be noisy during that time. We bring all the necessary equipment with us, including dumpsters for collecting old roofing materials, blowers for removing roofing particles that scatter during installation; and of course, ladders and scaffolding as required. It is likely that your grounds and roof will be cleaner when we leave than when we arrived!

  • Pricing

    Roofs are measured by squares. (1 SQ = 100 Sq Ft).
    Since all roofing materials are sold using this criteria, your bid will reflect this standard form of measurement.
    These materials may include sheathing, deck panels, and studs when repairs are necessary.
    Eavetroughs, (gutters), and Fascia Materials
    Included only when our assessment determines replacement is imperative.
    Roofing and/or Eavetrough Removal - Roofing Material Application - Repairs (where needed).
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We will assess the number of flashings required around flues, chimneys, and dormers in order to provide you a realistic roofing estimate. If your roof contains more than 4 protrusions, (including flues, dormers & turrets), the cost will, of course, be greater for both labor and materials, than if it were a simple roof. Nonetheless, if you are working within a budget we can recommend suitable roofing materials that will accommodate your roof pitch, while addressing your climatic, and aesthetic concerns.

Roofing manufacturers ask roofing contractors to install underlayment and flashing that match their performance requirements. JDL never cuts corners against the manufacturer’s recommendations. Roofing warranties range from 10 years, (for the most inexpensive shingles), to 50 years; (considered a Lifetime Warranty by many manufacturers).

Asphalt Shingle warranties begin at 10 and extend to 50 years. Recent manufacturing advancements make them exceptionally attractive, both financially and aesthetically.
Wood shingles are affordable, a natural insulator, and much improved; offering pest, fungal, and warp resistance.
Metal Roofs are especially effective for high-wind and commercial applications. Newer designs emulate shingled roofs. Most metal roofs offer a 50 Year Warranty.
Clay, Slate, and Cement Roofing Materials are quite heavy and can only be attached to the strongest roofs. Their beauty, longevity and warranty is unsurpassed.

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