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If you are experiencing eavestrough leaks it may be difficult to locate the source. Does it emanate from the fascia or the fasteners? Is there a hole in your eavestrough, or is it misaligned under the shingles? We are professional roofers. Our experience with eavestrough & fascia issues can save you both time and money.

We truly appreciate the fortitude and ingenuity of DIY homeowners. Having said that, we hope you appreciate our advice to utilize the services of a professional eavestrough installation crew when installing a new gutter and fascia system. We not only ensure that water is deterred from your home; but that the soffit is sufficiently fire blocked to meet current fire code regulations.

We install T-Rex from Alu-Rex, a continuous hanger system for new eavestroughs. It secures your rain gutters solidly on your home, making them much sturdier and more long-lasting than those mounted with spikes or spaced hangers. It also keeps snow out of eavestroughs, eliminating the risk of warping due to freezing and thawing. The T-Rex continuous hanger comes with a lifetime manufacture and sturdiness warranty in addition to a 40-year clog-free warranty.

Alu-Rex Pro Series Lifetime WarrantyStill Doubting the Performance of the T-Rex Continuous Hanger in Winter?Do Leaves Clog Alu-Rex Products?

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    Material Costs will include the following:
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    2) Fascia board materials
    3) Framing materials (where necessary)
    4) Drip edges (where necessary)
    5) Downspouts and filters (where necessary)
    5) Fasteners
    1) Inspection services
    2) Installation services
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Chasing down an eavestrough leak can be a tricky business. Contributing factors include ice damage or pest holes along the fascia board, fasteners, gutter, or within the roofing material itself. (If the leak is from the roofing material water may be flowing beneath the shingles onto the fascia board). Bad flashing often deters water for long distances, as well. Other causes include blockages that cause overflow issues at the back of the fascia; or shifting and sagging eaves that begin at the fascia board, fasteners, or eavestrough. Our experienced roofing team sorts through these issues and pinpoints the problem.

The signs of fascia board failure include roof corners that begin to sag, curling shingles, and eavestroughs that sag or are misaligned. Although these symptoms indicate that repairs should be facilitated immediately, it does not necessarily mean that your entire fascia system needs replaced. We can match nearly any fascia board design and repair it in sections, where appropriate. In addition, we will help determine the best methods for preventing additional damage by deterring water more effectively.

While most of us regularly clean our gutters and make sure our downspouts are working properly, we often close a blind eye to potential issues that could negatively affect the value of our home. Our roofing team provides thorough inspections designed to impress the most persnickety buyer, real estate agent, or insurance claims adjuster.

Fascia boards attach to your home’s overhanging at the roof eaves. It is important that they be resistant to moisture because of their close proximity to the eavestrough system. We can walk you through the range of designs and materials and help you make an attractive and affordable choice.

A primary deterrent to moisture is an effective drip edge system. These either fit under or over the edge of the roofing material and ensure that rain and snow melt drip into the eavestroughs and not behind them.

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