Roof Repair in Barrie

Roof leaks are certainly a challenge and nearly always constitute a roofing emergency. Leaks can reveal themselves inside a chimney, along ceilings and walls, behind structural exterior walls, or in attics. JDL roofers know how to trace roofing leaks to their source; whether they originate from bad flashing, chimney problems, edging issues, or eavetroughs.

Flashings are located around flues, chimneys, dormers, and at the edge of the roof. Unfortunately, when water escapes a flashing it can travel great distances before finding its way downhill into attics or walls. Our roofers locate the source and facilitate the necessary repairs.

Not only should gutters be cleaned each spring, it is also advisable to visibly inspect the area between the roofing and the gutter for cracks, panel displacement, and loose fascia. Timely attention to these minor issues can keep repair costs to a minimum.

One of the first indications of unwanted moisture is a lingering musty or moldy smell. It may be that, water breached the attic and cannot escape. Let us investigate and help avoid major roof repair costs.

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We advise homeowners to visually check their chimneys each summer for holes in the mortar and cracked or flaking brick. Caught early, these issues can usually be resolved with a simple point-and-tuck repair. Left unaddressed, chimneys quickly succumb to freeze-thaw cycles, resulting in untimely leaks. Emergency roof repairs during winter are understandably difficult and sometimes require additional attention when spring arrives.

Hail, heavy snow, ice storms, and freezing rain may not be regular occurrences in Barrie, but when they do happen, they play havoc on roofs. Our roofing team not only inspects roofs for the homeowner’s peace of mind, we also perform insurance inspections and repair estimates. In addition, our team of roofing experts will locate the most suitable repair materials for your existing roof.

One of the primary concerns about a leaky roof is its potential to damage load-bearing walls. Even if you are not seeing evidence of moisture within your home, exterior walls that seem to be “settling” or are no longer plumb are often evidence of a leak. We can help you determine whether your roof is the cause.

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